Lecturer Wanted: Silpakorn University in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand


My university is currently looking for one more foreign (non-Thai) lecturer to join a team of three foreign instructors and many friendly and professional Thai colleagues in our English department (TEFL Section) in the Faculty of Education.  I’m posting this on my blog and sharing it around to (hopefully!) assist in finding a committed, creative, and professional teacher who would be able to join us here in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.

Click the image caption below for more info on SU – it’s a really interesting place!


*You’ll notice the job ad below requests an “English native speaker”. Rather than request my department change that language at this time, I’ve decided to add this explainer: an unexamined, essentialistic notion of teacher ‘nativeness’ still pervades the discourse and (more importantly) hiring practices in the Thai ELT scene overall; this is admittedly not an educational context that is, in certain respects, on the progressive end of the spectrum. The wording of this job ad, unfortunately, reflects this reality. However, I’m happy to report that I’ve got good evidence that the TEFL section here at Silpakorn will, in fact, consider applicants on their actual merits. While it seems they traditionally employ two of the three foreign instructors from so-called ‘BANA‘ countries, during my short time at Silpakorn I have noticed that this is hardly an immutable policy. Currently, we are: one from The Hub of the Universe AKA Titletown and one from The Isle of Serendib AKA the Teardrop of India. Both of us are proficient and knowledgable English users.

*I’ll also add that for focused and creative ELT professionals a position like this in a location like this does indeed afford many opportunities to make substantially more than the basic salary described below.

Please leave questions in the comments section here or find my contact info on the ‘about’ page of this blog. I’m happy to help clarify anything and if desired ‘screen’ you before you contact the official person whose email appears in the job ad below. I’m also here to answer any and all ‘life in Thailand’-related questions – I’ve been regularly answering new and prospective Thailand teachers’ questions for nearly 15 years now. 😛

I hope to work with you in the future! 

Silpakorn University-Instructor Wanted

A few more bits of info about the job and some advice from yours truly if you find yourself considering this can be found here.

> Silpakorn University-Instructor Wanted (downloadable PDF of ad) <