Ratchaburi Community Artist’s Gorgeous Handmade Cloth Masks Made to Order

We all need to wear masks here in Thailand now…so make yours memorable. Order unique handmade Thai art masks here!

red attn

*UPDATE as of Tuesday 5 May 1:00pm*

All new orders are temporarily PAUSED. All active orders will be faithfully processed as is; if you fill out an order form after the date + time above, you will be contacted later with updates on any new product details and pricing. Thank you all for your interest!


Members of our extended Thai family who live in Ratchaburi province are using their at-home time during the current COVID-19 crisis to produce beautiful masks and are selling them cheaply to their friends and connections on Facebook.

We showed pictures of some of the masks to our friends and they absolutely loved them, so we thought we’d try to arrange more purchases for more people who would really appreciate them. Also, they don’t speak that much English and have enough on their plate, so we’ll act as middlemen…and, hey, we just think it’d be really nice to help connect our wonderful family’s art to another segment of the Thailand community.

**Some are asking if these can be shipped internationally. We’re going to start with Thaliand-only and maybe open up to international orders in the future. 

**UPDATE: we’ve gotten a handful of requests from the US. We called the post office here and they informed us that there are no flights to put any packages on. So for now, we’re sorry to say no shipping to the US. We’re looking into various companies and checking what countries mail is open for. Sorry!  

So, without further ado here are the three types of masks we’ll arrange ordering for:

“A” Design masks:

(click to enlarge any image)

(other side has a little ornamental bit):

Small Design

 “B” Design masks:

“C” Design masks:


Aren’t they great? The masks themselves are also products of a non-profit community program in their small town in Ratchaburi province. They’re also handmade and sturdy and comfortable. Of course, these are not professional grade medical masks. They’re for everyday use, unless you want to frame them! 

The artist who makes them so extra special is called P’Don. He’s professional temple mural painter and traditional Thai artist. P’Don’s daughters are also learning the craft of traditional Thai arts and are helping him with this mask project at home. It’s a family affair!

Like so many of us, P’Don and his family want to contribute to the health and safety of the community within which they are immeshed. They’ve been actively volunteering, offering donations, and doing the little things to reach out and take care of friends and family, especially those who are in need of more assistance. And because they are artists, this particular project comes straight from the heart.


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(we will follow up via email to complete the transaction)



A thought to wrap up: clearly these items would make REALLY GOOD GIFTS. On the one hand they’re solid, functional masks of the type we all need to be using if and when we’re out and about these days…and on the other hand they’re also pieces of art, and will definitely make good keepsakes when all of this is finally over. There. That’s my sales pitch! (I’m a teacher, that’s all the sales I’m comfortable doing).

Thank you for checking this out and stay safe, socially distant, and ever-conscious of our shared responsibilities! 🙂