Hiring: Foreign English Language Instructor at RMUTT, Pathum Thani


The Faculty of Liberal Arts at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), a leading hands-on Thai public university located in Pathum Thani (Bangkok vicinity), Thailand, is currently looking for a passionate and committed English language teacher to join our team starting Term 2 of this academic year (2020/2021).

As an instructor here at RMUTT you will be teaching undergraduate students majoring in English and across disciplines. Your typical course load will include variety of classes ranging from fundamental English through to advanced English courses.


At minimum, you must hold a bachelors’ degree in any discipline. However, a degree in English, Education, or TESOL/teaching-related qualification is absolutely advantageous. Relevant professional experience in various language teaching contexts is preferable, but the right novice teacher candidate or career-switcher may be considered.

Completion of a reputable teacher training certificate course is also sought, but not necessarily compulsory. CELTA or equivalent preferred.

You must be able to manage large-sized undergraduate classes of around 30-55 students. During the interview process a teaching demonstration may be requested and you will be asked about classroom management, instructional techniques, and your teaching philosophy.

(There may be – slightly – higher-tier positions for folks with MAs and other more advanced qualifications available in the future).


  • 4 classes per week for a regular program (normal load)
  • 1-2 classes per week for the international program (extra load)
  • Other potential extra classes could be arranged by the lecturer
  • Fixed based Salary: 20,800 THB per month
  • 4,800 THB per month for each extra class (regular program) above the normal load
  • 12,000 THB per month for each extra class (international program) above the normal load
  • Affordable on-campus staff accommodation/8,000 THB per month for accommodation allowance
  • Thai social security health insurance with small monthly contribution
  • Possible opportunities for career advancement in numerous fields within the university’s extended academic community
  • Support for the legal application process (visa and work permit)


The above information was essentially copied and pasted from the materials that the faculty sends out. They asked me just to help get the word out.

But let me just add my own thoughts here…

I’ve only been at RMUTT for a handful of months, but I’m quite happy here. The campus is lovely, the students have been great so far, and my colleagues here in the Faculty of Liberal Arts have been quite friend and helpful. The area around the uni (Klong 6 in Thanyaburi) isn’t all that amazing, but you could do a lot worse. It’s still within reasonable distance to downtown BKK if you need your skyscapers n’ skytrains kick, but also, once you’re off the main roads up here it’s county. Rice fields and big sky in every direction.

In the student area just across from campus there are sushi restaurants, Korean BBQ spots, and a concentration of all the kinds of things you might expect to find where 15,000+ college kids reside.

Okay, enough about all that. Concerning the actual job: like I mentioned above, I’ve been pretty satisfied here since arriving. Communication has been good, paperwork less of a headache than elsewhere, and a good degree of autonomy and trust is present.

Classes this term have all been online in my faculty, but things are slowly moving back to campus-based. That said, it seems to me that this “technology university” may have taken a good look at what was possible and what was positive and negative during this COVID-19 online teaching & learning period and could very well develop a kind of hybrid delivery approach for the future. I, for one, I’m hoping so! So that means if you’re into the application of distance learning and/or productive and creative use of virtual tools, maybe this is a reason to follow up here.

They’re looking for responsible, committed language teachers more than agency-hire TEFLer “backpackers” being a university, obviously. But with the lower basic salaries that come with public university positions here in Thailand, recruiting can be a challenge. Those who know how it works will understand that things at unis like this one do, in fact, add up to a pretty good living take-home wage if you take on classes and projects beyond the minimum.

You could think of it this way: a position like this provides the basic foundation salary- and benefits-wise, but also sets up enterprising and proactive teachers with a fantastic professional network in which to operate. If they are part of your practice as a professional educator, things like offering proofreading services to Thai doctoral students and taking part in educational outreach programs aren’t difficult to make happen. If you’re an ELT nerd, basically, you’ll end up making more than the numbers above would suggest by themselves.

To wrap this up…well, actually to my mind the most interesting thing (particularly for anyone looking to stick around longer-term) is this: RMUTT is on the cusp of building a whole new “international” degree program with several majors and most instruction in English. They plan to attract students from ASEAN and beyond. It’s a great time to ‘get in on the ground floor’ on that. Who knows how it will unfold but it’s definitely full of potential.

Send me an appropriately well-written email at the address below and attach your resume. I’ll be happy to try to answer whatever questions you might have and looking forward to passing some application contacts along.

noble DOT elt AT gmail DOT com

Who knows maybe we’ll find ourselves working together in the future. 🙂