SALE! Books for teachers/teaching…

Update: SOLD! (Full library!) 


Hi there! Thanks for checking this out. 🙂



I am moving aboard again on October 31st, 2017 and while I’m putting a sizable chuck of my ESL library on a slow boat to Asia, I need to let go of a lot of the books from my shelves. As a relatively voracious reader in ELT, I’ve accumulated a good many. In addition, I was recently the recipient of a number of books from the teachers’ room shelves of a language center that closed down.

In order to both find good homes for these books and raise some extra funds for my relocation, I’m posting books here for sale. Some great ones, too! Here’s how it works:


All titles are just $5.00 + shipping costs (unless you’re local to Seattle, can pick up!).


Using USPS’s ‘media mail‘ system, shipping a few books within the US will cost between $6 and $10. Shipping further afield can also be worked out to see if it’s price effective for you.


STEP 1: You browse the available books below.

STEP 2: You email noble.elt AT gmail dot com to inform me which books you are interested in. I’ll get back to you quickly, and answer any questions you have.

STEP 3: I’ll find out about specific shipping costs and let you know. If you’re still interested, you send payment to my Paypal account.

I’ll definitely do discounts on larger purchases! For example, I’d box up the whole dang library for $150 and shipping costs.