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My most recent CV (mid-2017…EDIT: needs an update!): Matthew Noble 2017 CV

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Me expressing me in the past:

‘Fly High Pecha Kucha’ Redux: What Makes Me Me in ELT | Diary of a Newbie CELTA Trainer

This was me, in selfie form, a few years ago:


A teacher wrote this about me in 2012.

This was me in 2011: http://www.ajarn.com/ajarn-street/hot-seat/matthew-noble/

This was me in high school!:


This was me (on the left) in my childhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts:


“Childhood” by Rainer Maria Rilke:

It would be good to give much thought, before
you try to find words for something so lost,
for those long childhood afternoons you knew
that vanished so completely -and why?

We’re still reminded-: sometimes by a rain,
but we can no longer say what it means;
life was never again so filled with meeting,
with reunion and with passing on

as back then, when nothing happened to us
except what happens to things and creatures:
we lived their world as something human,
and became filled to the brim with figures.

And became as lonely as a sheperd
and as overburdened by vast distances,
and summoned and stirred as from far away,
and slowly, like a long new thread,
introduced into that picture-sequence
where now having to go on bewilders us.