Pop-Up “Audio Listicle”: 11 Old & Unpublished Draft Blogpost Titles…

Okay, this is going to be a little weird…

Here we have the listicle 🤣 nobody knew they needed

^^ The audio (Matthew Fudd Cosmic Dub) ^^


vv A conventional text (pseudo-)listicle describing the above audio listicle: vv

  1. I recorded this audio post sitting in my car in the Tesco parking lot on the way home from work (and I’m still in here typing this, just about to go in for groceries…)
  2. I couldn’t post the audio from my iPhone memos so I had to stick it into a video (well, it’s just a picture as video) with my iMovie app.
  3. It was long and slow, so I sped up the sound. A lot. 😛
  4. This results in some hilarity. This is what I’d sound like if I were not chronically chill and a pretty slow talker. It’s a trip for me to hear me like this. It does actually help me target the kind of vocal energy I’d like to try to have more often, especially with online teaching/presenting. Okay, maybe it’s quite a bit TOO fast at points. But this is interesting. Maybe, just maybe, I’m going to experiment with this as a potential way to maybe help develop my teaching voice (I feel I need that).
  5. I took the picture leaving my (still pretty new for me) office at my uni this afternoon. So this qualifies as an #ELTworkspace post. Look at that big ol’ window right next to my desk!
  6. The whole concept of this post is a bit silly and pretty self-indulgent seeming maybe? Who cares what’s in anyone’s draft post file of their blog?! But actually I don’t think it’s that in a bad way. And maybe, just maybe, those errant, unfinished blog posts are some kinda thing.
  7. Michael Griffin might think I owe him a drink or something, as this whole thing is awash in His Griffinness. Or maybe he’ll think I deserve the drink on him. Sorry, Him. His Griffinness, in any event, is an inspiration to many and I include myself in that number.
  8. In the post I think you’ll hear “meta”, “meta meta”, and for #8 of this list(icle) describing the list(icle) above I’m just gonna point out here we have meta meta meta.
  9. I’m wearing a mask in the office in the pic, and that’s because I’m in Thailand and it’s been winning re: COVID for reasons including folks aren’t 99% ego like tooooo many my yankee brothers and sisters. But right now everyone’s mad at, I dunno, some Egyptian soldiers on vacation who broke self-quarantine and went to a mall with COVID…I can’t keep up with the news when “old draft blogposts” need to be explored.
  10. I’m not kidding about (mostly) just blogging reanimated versions of these old unpublished things for the rest of the year, as I mention towards the end of the 5 minute goofballingness above. Though actually I want to do more audio and video (Vlog) type things here mostly, or just experiment creatively more (like this, sort of, but…well…better). We shall see! Anyway, I hope those who listen to these weird 5 minutes (exactly!?) get a good LAUGH…congrats if you make it to “Nevermind the Bollocks: About Micro-Teaching”. LOL. I really must write that actual post. I’m pretty sure I know what it was all about!

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