A blog post!

It’s time for bed with me but I’ve decided to write a quick blog post before I pack it in for the day. I don’t know what it’s about yet.

It’s just…”a blog post”. It may even be nothing more than a list…icle! Yes, a listicle. And that’s okay because in my mind Michael Griffin made ELT listicles cool (again?) at some point.

10 things to put on a list before packing it in for the day:

  1. My first full cycle of mentoring Thai BA English/TEFL student teachers on their two-semester teaching practicum has just wrapped up. It was frustrating and fun, fraught and fulfilling. The negative aspects mentioned there largely have to do, I think, with my transitioning from CELTA and CELTA-like course tutor (with super-scaffolded planning+observation+feedback cycles going on) to something quite different (more on this in some future post, maybe).

  2. I was happy that in recent practicum-focused staff meetings I was able to share some concerns and ideas and resources in an effort to help improve the potential of the practicum for our student teachers. Damn it feels good to show what you know and say how you feel sometimes. Maybe I’m too passive, or maybe I just know to be patient.

  3. A 2nd year student recently wrote really eloquently and insightfully about how much English they learn from watching Netflix and I thought to myself “there is no need for piling on; when was the last time I loved a product or service more than I now do thee, Netflix?…verily I have no memory of such a time”.

  4. Occasionally I see one of my students out of uniform (yes, in Thailand even university students are required to where uniforms at virtually all times in classes and on campus) and it’s delightful. It reminds me how much individuality is instantly lost in the classroom atmosphere here…I hope it changes soon!

  5. Due to life circumstances my idea of making it over to CamTESOL looks like it won’t be happening. This chafes but I keep trying to just remind myself that I’m not going anywhere and ELT conferences just keep on endlessly repeating themselves forever so what’s the point of FOMOing even for a moment?

  6. That’s the first and, I assume, the last time I’ll ever use ‘FOMO’ in any way, shape, or form.

  7. I do hope to start blogging again this year. Is it just me or are a lot of ELT bloggers very, very quiet these days?

  8. I’ve got one student who may be the quickest ever on the uptake of any new word or phrase she encounters. In one instance just today, they stopped me on the way off campus to ask about several vocabulary items in a reading. One was ‘to be bound for [a place]’. We clarified the meaning, etc. of that and the other language and then as the conversation wrapped up I asked “so, where ya off to?”. “Bound for the dorm!”, they intoned. I smiled then, and I’m smiling now as I move on to #9.

  9. Boy oh boy I’m so, so bad at really writing anything! I’ve got to get going. I’ve got to publish! I’ve just yet to get into a place where the brand of focus and productivity required for it is available to me. I do/have done so much reading, so much thinking, so much tweeting…what I need to do is seal all the hatches and just process what’s already within me and start cooking.

  10. Finally….um…well…geez what else is there to tap out right now? Nuthin’! It really is time for bed.



11 thoughts on “A blog post!

    1. Consider the gauntlet thrown. And consider that gauntlet made of an exceedingly light and fluffy material. Maybe we can get a ‘ten random things on my mind listicle’ blog challenge going 🙂

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  1. A lovely read. I might follow suit with some listicles. I like your expression “life circumstances”. Spot on. Also, the debate on Twitter seem to favour everything research-based so I wasn’t sure. That’s why I’m happy to see your research-free post:-) Motivation. Cheers!

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    1. I really enjoyed attending. I’ll submit to present next year if the stars align. In fact I really loved the atmosphere. I hope those volunteers never stop the bell-ringing to signal session times.


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