Lecturer Wanted: Silpakorn University in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

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Are you interested in teaching English courses to future Thai English teachers, English majors, and other undergraduates? How about supervising teaching practicums? Assisting colleagues with proofreading and research support? Doing your own research and working in a small, tight-knit department at a unique Thai public university famous for its fine and decorative arts programs?

If the answer is yes, please check out the page I’ve created on this blog here. It has all the information you need to look into the position.


For a bit more of a sense of what’s what, here is a look at the full 5-year academic program of a Silpakorn English/TEFL graduate, including a 5th year practicum when students spend a full year in local schools. I’ll mention that this document is a few years old and certain aspects of the program have changed. Still, it gives some sense of what’s done here.


Follow the link above to view my university’s official job advertisement (or see it here). If you’ve got burning questions, I’m happy to discuss things with you in completely open and honest fashion and will give advice if/when requested. The goal is simply to help my department find the best possible candidate for the position (and for full disclosure, I’ll be here. We’ll be colleagues. But don’t let that put you off! ;))

I’ll end this post with a few general thoughts for anyone thinking about applying for this position to consider, especially if you’ve never lived and worked in Thailand before:

  • needless to say (though perhaps not!), living and working in Thailand is not the same thing as being on holiday in Thailand.
  • patience will be required to deal with paperwork, visa issues, administrative inefficiencies, language barriers, etc.
  • patience and equanimity will be required to deal with unfamiliar educational practices and potentially uncomfortable cultural/communicative norms.
  • patience, equanimity, and a gentle touch are recommended for those with progressive educational ideas and a strong desire to mold their surroundings accordingly; you will need to choose your battles (though this is as great a place as any to fight such well-chosen battles!).
  • this is a tropical environment – extremely hot during parts of the year, hot all year round, typically very humid…this is not a comfortable climate for many people.
  • Nakhon Pathom is not a particularly popular tourist spot, nor does it cater to western tastes like Bangkok does (e.g. supermarkets with good cheese, etc.) and very few Thai cities qualify as ‘clean’.
  • this may sound like a tired observation but teachers are offered a good deal of respect in Thai society…and so are expected to be professional in behavior and appearance. Our corner of Silpakorn University is probably on the slightly more casual side of things, but depending on where you’re coming from and what you are used to this may require some adjustment.

Thanks for reading! 


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