2 thoughts on “Teaching Practicum Supervisor Diary #4: Scattered notes

  1. Things I’ve said a lot this week (elementary, CELTA week 2, 8-11 50-60 year old female students):
    – Do you believe you have the right to their attention? If so, do it with conviction!
    – If you don’t have their attention at certain points in the lesson, it’s a waste of time trying to do anything else, because they’re not mentally with you.
    – It’s not about what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do, it’s about what the students need.
    – What’s the next stage in the lesson? Is there anything in the coursebook that does that for you? If so, why not use it? If not, how can you add it in?

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  2. I love this. I love that you are taking what you say seriously. It is NOT just ‘trainer-talk’ in the same way ‘teacher-talk’ isn’t ever “just” something. It is through our talk that our work gets done. To ignore it – or to get caught up by the notion that really focusing in on the powerful things you say is somehow self-indulgent…well for me the wool has been removed from my eyes. I’m done looking elsewhere.

    So, I recently stated recording my feedback sessions much more systematically and will continue to do so. And then I will formalize things and analyze the discourse on the basis in the idea that a) WHAT we (and they) say to each other is the training and b) HOW we (and they) say these things is the training. It’s just that (and the x ‘is’ y not being exclusive is intentional there). As a way of looking, it’s super basic…but I think highly generative when fed with the data. Especially when the data is intimately familiar.

    The final nudge came from Johnson & Golombek’s book ‘Mindful L2 Teacher Education’, and I think I’ve finally found – happily, as I’ve now landed in a university setting – a satisfactory focus for deeper, focused, now-please-God-Matthew-stop-just-stop-being-distracted-by-literally-every-other-thing-in-ELT-so-you-can-do-more-than-sound-turned-on-on-twitter-style inquiry. 🙂

    So, that said: your comment suggests I really will wanna keep I touch about these “things you find yourself saying a lot” in the future! 🙂


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