Vlog #8: update from the air conditioner

5 minutes of general updates: it’s hot, I got my work permit, I catch myself being professionally self-depreciating, and a few other things to do with my job…

Apologies for some shaky camera work, unseemly scruffiness, and – before I caught myself – even the hint of a suggestion that I or any committed teacher should be exceedingly grateful for the timely delivery of a nominally living wage and contract-specified expenses being reimbursed. We earn everything we get and typically much more than we get.

That reminds me of something that I hope doesn’t sound to some like pointless boasting: I was told by some student teachers after 10 minutes of sketchy discussion about lesson planning (‘sketchy’ in that I sketched some ‘lesson shape’ visuals as I described a couple frameworks) that they so wished I’d been the teacher for their course on that topic when they were juniors. They didn’t feel they knew what they were doing, and recognized that I was…there to help.

This is what that suggests to me, in hashtag form because I’m a prisoner of twitter:


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