Teaching Practicum Supervisor Diary #3: state us your status (a vlog re: what I’m doing right now)

This is a 15-minute vlog post in which I…

  • Describe my role in a teaching practicum scheme. 
  • Talk about the tasks I’m working on at my desk this very day.
  • Talk about one way I’m learning on-the-job: 


  • Describe formal lesson planning in a pretty odd way involving Vatican II. 
  • Touch on a few other things as I roll along. 

…not necessarily in that order.

Update 1: since I recorded the video one more thing has been added to the upcoming *Sunday Workshop* to-do list. This is: cooperative planning for ‘substitute teaching’ by me of a lesson in each of the 3 teacher’s grades. They will observe with specific (and I hope personalized) observation & reflection tasks. Haven’t yet thought about these yet, but one thing I do know is that I’d like them to focus on the learners more than the teacher. If all goes to plan and the starts align, success will be a shift in their perception of the parameters of their learners’ capacity for success in a CLT-style interactive learning conditions that are effectively managed. And yes, this last sentence shall commence to report the juuust-perceptible “gulping” sound on the part of its author the person responsible for successfully creating those conditions in a one-off on-site demo lesson in a non-AC public high school in semi-rural Ratchaburi province some time next week.

Update 2: I’m changing my ‘loop input’ demo lessons around so rather than a reading lesson on lesson planning and a vocab lesson on teaching vocab, I’ll do a reading lesson on teaching vocab and a vocab lesson on lesson planning. (Whew, right?! I’m really quite sure you’re as glad I set the record straight here as I am).  Anyway, it’ll be slightly less loopy, that’s the idea.

Update 3: No need to do two separate demo lessons. The reading lesson about lesson planning will have a vocabulary section. Efficiency ho!

As always, please leave any kind of comment in the space provided below and do feel free to expect some kind of response – even if just in the form of a smiling emoji thing. (I’m most certainly not talking to you though, recent comment section spambots!).

And have a great weekend, dear reader… 🙂

[This blogpost is dedicated to my friend Anne Hendler, whose comment on twitter made me immediately want to go make and post something].

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