Vlog #7: Describing my new job

Thanks for watching and if you have any comments or questions, submit them below. I promise to be responsive! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Vlog #7: Describing my new job

    1. Thanks Marc. We’ll see how it goes…a few challenges I’m expecting:

      1. grading/tuning my teacher- and trainer-talk effectively at first.

      2. shifting my focus from adult pedagogy to YLs/teens, as well as the Thai educational context. I’m very familiar with it, but it’s been a while; I’ve been in very different environs a while.

      3. avoiding being intimidating and/or too “fancy” with my feedback.

      4. not getting overly, problematically frustrated with university bureaucracy.

      Etcetera, etcetera…;)


  1. Good luck with your new position, Matthew. Back in the day I logged nearly a decade at Thai universities, and I’m confident you’ll excel in that context. Thoughtful blog post, BTW.

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    1. Wow, TTD…how are ya! I had no idea you followed this blog at all. Would love to chat more about your experiences at Thai universities and life generally. 🙂


    1. Ha! Thanks Tesal. Each time I post one I feel a bit more comfortable. That’s a big part of this, I think, before I can even start to actually plan them out better and make them DO a bit more.

      Glad you’re here!!!

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    1. Thanks Tyson. I think we talked about you visiting Thailand before, yes? During your time teaching in Korea probably? Well…if you’re ever in the neighborhood again…it’s SPECIAL GUEST time.


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