M2M Vlog #6: Breaking

Mostly talking about having an extended (for me, anyway) time away from classrooms and course rooms and being excited to return in the near future rejuvenated by the break.


3 thoughts on “M2M Vlog #6: Breaking

  1. Hey Aj. Matt! You are most welcome! Yeah, it has been quite helpful and I’ve been reading your blogs as of late and it really opened a lot of meaningful reflections on my part as an educator here in Thailand. Now, talking about breaks…I did not have a break at all since I started grad school and was teaching at that time Kindergarten in a demonstration school at Khon Kaen University and that was around 2016. I badly need a break and sincerely would love to go somewhere that I have the time only to myself and not to think about research, marking grades, student consultation…etc. you get the gist. And also, am a lecturer to student teachers as well..so I completely understand where you’re coming from. So! Please…continue your vlogs and blogs, I’ll be sharing it to my revived blog as well….ahahahah. Sawasdeeka na ka!

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  2. I actually a nice long comment and forgot to do something and I didn’t know what happened. Anyhoo, it was a pleasure to leave you a nice feedback, because you deserve it. I really did meant it that I find it useful not only for me but also for those educators out there who are in the same predicaments. Keep it up and please do make this spontaneous vlogs, very natural raw footage. haha. sawasdeeka na ka. Hope to see you soon ka.

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