M2M Vlog #2: Wandering

First of all, thanks to Anne Hender for leaving this heart-warming and encouraging comment on my previous post where I announced I’ll be uploading videos on the blog this month:

“I like this because it means I get to see my friend’s face and hear his voice, thoughts, opinions, and life more often. I’d love to hear what happened in your day and what’s on your mind because I know there’s always something”. 

Well…I don’t need any more rationale or motivation for posting videos than that! It also makes me realize that it’s perfectly okay to just post something up even if all it is is a my face and voice, some thoughts and opinions, what happened in my day, what’s on my mind…whatever really. It’s enough, because one of the primary reasons for having this blog in the first place is that I want what Anne wants: greater connection to friends. So, whether they fall more on the muddle or maxim side of things…with Anne’s warm encouragement as our signal…we’re off and running (well, walking anyway).

Vlog #2 summary:

  • This video logs in at 5:30, an eternity in internet content time! Especially when you’re wandering and rambling…(oops)
  • I still don’t have any clear PD goal for my vlogging on this blog in April…
  • …but I’m going to post this video (and future videos) anyway 😛
  • I’m walking around my wife’s family’s rubber tree plantation, chased by at least one regiment of determined mosquitos
  • IATEFL is coming up and I’m excited for all the rich online content that is shared out of that event!
  • The TESOL convention doesn’t produce the same kind of web content. This is a shame, but there would seem to be some good reasons for this.
  • IATEFL is a more narrowly focused organization, and serves a more dispersed, international professional population.
  • I love how much teacher training/TD content comes out of IATEFL. Seems like more each year, but I’m not sure if that’s accurate (I hope it is!).

Addendum 1

Speaking of the upcoming IATEFL conference, as a member of the Teacher Development Special Interest Group (TDSIG) I’d like to add a plug for the TDSIG (w/ LAMSIG) Pre-Conference Event. It’s called Personalized teacher development: is it achievable? and its rather exciting program is available here. In addition, Thursday 12 April is TDSIG’s showcase day featuring great talks, forums, and workshops related to TD. You can be sure I’ll be following all of this as best I can at a distance from my rubber tree plantation environs. 🙂

Addendum 2

In this video I mention that rubber is a large part of my wife’s family’s business. This remains true, but in recent years they have made a significant shift away from rubber as a source of income. This infographic (from here) explains why (although it shows Thai rice and Malay rubber, Thai rubber has gone the same way):


Finally, this short YouTube video gives more glimpses into rubber tapping in Thailand.

4 thoughts on “M2M Vlog #2: Wandering

  1. I got my wish! Now I’m only sad that April is a short month.
    I love how your organized your wandering rambling is. You start out with the rubber trees and the wandering nature of your feet and you end up with the rubber trees and the wandering nature of your life for the moment. And that is a beautiful circle. I can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind tomorrow.

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  2. I’m happy that you saw the patterns there. It makes me think of my more active music playing days – mostly just jamming, you know – nothing formally organized, but full of pattern-making and pattern-following nonetheless. A friend from those days recently unearthed some recordings made during a particularly Congolese Soukous-happy period and we’re releasing it as the lost tapes of fictional band: https://soundcloud.com/hintersphere/sets/micronesia-soukous-collective-vol-one. Random, I know! 🙂

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  3. Dear Matthew,

    as Anne said, it’s great to be able to see and hear people you know from the online environment. By the way, I always thought you were a very humble and polite person and I haven’t changed my mind. 🙂 Keep wandering and wondering until you find the right track! I’m looking forward to the next video.

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