March Paragraph Diary 12

Grocer’s Inn

The Hostel in Kuala Lumpur: a 10-Act (10 Night) Play

…the script and stage direction for which has been lost in a fire (yes, a fire in the hostel).

Only the cast of characters was rescued:

The young retired Norwegian who “made his money” and is now floating around SE Asia in a drunken daze.

The group of 5 deaf men who charge around the building in nothing but skimpy briefs all day long.

The friendly Malay staff member who speaks fluent Thai and is a great conversational partner.

The Belgian flower arranger who laughs at everything, all the time.

The 65 year old Japanese backhoe operator who is fundamentally AMAZED by the very concept of a “teacher trainer”.

The 30-something Mexican man who goes around attempting to start conversations with people by simply barking the word ‘mamacita!’ a few times, always with a wide grin and an expectant look.

The Polish surfer binge watching lumberjack sports on ESPN 8 up on the roof.

The sweetest, most mindful and professional manager who seems to hold the whole scene together by some invisible force.

The American teacher trainer (teacher trainer…really?!?) on a visa run/writing retreat who, if he likes you, will definitely share one of his many, many oranges. In the play’s final scene he completes a short blog post just as he smells a hint of something burning…


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