March Paragraph Diary 4

Not a Sprint

The term “long-winded” is used to describe speech or writing that tediously expands beyond its ideal length and/or the person who produces that speech or writing. Well I’ve expanded beyond my ideal size physically recently. And so I’m paying more attention to diet, eating less, exercising more. I’ve lost a kilo or two since moving from my BBQ heavy winter stint in South Korea. I try to jog every morning. Early in the morning before it gets too hot to workout outside here in Thailand. I notice how my body feels better overall when I sit down in front of my computer screen. It’s an easy time to scan and notice this, as I’m very still, upright, quiet at the desk. These paragraph posts help me avoid being very long-winded here on my blog. In contrast, nothing allows me to avoid becoming quickly winded on these jogs. I’ll call me “short-winded” in that way. But each time I last a bit longer; each day my threshold moves up just a bit. So many worthwhile things tend to happen slowly. Including language learning, teacher development…how much patience and persistence (“grit”, maybe?) I bring to it is, it seems, the key variable. One I’ve often lacked (compared to others around me) in various areas/at various stages in my life.

Me this morning, winded:


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