March Paragraph Diary 2

Getting There

I lived in Thailand from 2005 to 2011. I travelled around the country quite a bit but lived in Bangkok that whole time. I loved so many things about the city. The intermingling of modern and ancient, the cultural mix, the arts and music on offer, the constant energy, the hub location. What enamored me to Bangkok during that time also included things like the sometimes enchanting decrepitude of the shophouses and the always adrenaline shot of weaving through traffic on a motosai. The graceful chaos of the crowds in a market and even the ghastly gaggle of 101 electrical wires just above one’s head. But now I’m older. My 20s are long gone; my impending 40s are gearing up for arrival this summer. And yesterday as my (slightly) wiser head brushed against enough wattage to feed both 7-11s on either side of the street I felt a bit differently than I did back then. My wife and I agree: we are not much interested in settling down in this amazing mess again.I keep thinking that I still love the places to BE here, but hate the places to GET TO. For one teaching job back in the day I took a motorcycle taxi to a canal boat to the skytrain to a taxi and I couldn’t have enjoyed the journey more. That’s no longer in the cards. Have you, dear reader, experienced the Krungthep, city of angels? What’s your feeling? And what about what we could think of as the young person’s ‘TEFL lifestyle’ itself – adventurous commuting included – would you say you’ve grown out of? This I wonder.

Right – I’m off to the skytrain to get to a riverboat to maybe hop a tuktuk to a friend’s vegan restaurant across town. The things we do for friendship…and kale! 🙂

being tehre

One thought on “March Paragraph Diary 2

  1. I’ve experienced Bangkok for a week, and while it was fascinating, I have no desire whatsoever to ever live there. And I definitely didn’t get on the back of a motosai – crazy! Though I was only a couple of weeks away from my 30th birthday at the time, so who knows how I’d have felt a few years earlier?
    My first job involved a lot of commuting, and while I got to know the city really well and it did introduce me to podcasts (didn’t always have enough space to read comfortably), I do not miss that amount of time spent travelling, or the getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning to get a trolley bus and a tram to companies starting at 7, where the earliest student rocked up at 7:10 if they were feeling enthusiastic. I much prefer my current 15-minute walk from my flat to school 🙂

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