My #ELTwhiteboard presentation at the Spokane Regional ESL Conference (March 2017)

I wanted to much more than just post this here but I’m currently pretty overwhelmed by work and life what with moving office, moving house, prepping for an extended visit to my 2nd home (Thailand…well, only two weeks – not all that extended), and much more. So here, in raw form, are my slides and audio of *most* of the 45 minutes of my presentation (it cuts off about 5 minutes before the end, unfortunately). It was really quite off-the-cuff, but felt real and good in the room…and though it might sound like a low bar, I suppose that’s about as much as I’m after when it comes to these things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Lots more to say but I’m off to be overwhelmed by life again. I hope to be back soon when I catch my breath. I’d still like to make a recording with slides of a bit more ‘together’ version of the talk and post it up eventually. Thanks for checking this out! Be well.


Perhaps more interesting than my presentation itself is the whole of all the great responses I received to a survey I sent out (still open, btw) about a week before the presentation. Check it out!

form wbwbb





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