#ELTchat summary for Nov 30th, 2016: Ideas for Making the Most of Exercises

Welcome to this week’s summary.

I was quite sad to have missed last Wednesday’s weekly #ELTchat teacher discussion on twitter (pesky little thing called work often gets in the way at 11am here on America’s west coast) but I had suggested the topic originally and was happy to read back and find another worthwhile live chat between a group of wonderful and teachers! If you haven’t taken part before, do yourself a favor: GET THEE TO A CHAT, PRONTWISE. Anyway, I was able to engage in the “slowburn” portion, and was rather happy to get the chance to be this week’s summarist.


I’ve been taking this great online class with Vicki Hollett at iTDi.pro and looking for all the chances I can get use and get better with video (boy do I have a long way to go!). So, I decided to produce this #ELTchat summary in video form. You’ll find my Part 1 and Part 2 videos below, plus a short written follow-up to account for the slowburn. Enjoy!

(BTW, my iTDi classmates are have been making wonderfully professional-quality stuff under Vicki’s expert tutelage; I’m just the class clown – so don’t let my goofy videos affect your impression of that course!)

Note: Part 1 is a hearty, potentially TL;DW 6+ minutes long, and contains more…um…’Matthew being Matthew’. If you’re interested in getting right into a list of some of the ideas shared in the #ELTchat, skip to Part 2, which is more focused and a brisk 1:57.





When the live 60-minute #ELTchat is finished, we go into slowburn mode. That means for the next 24 hours we keep the discussion going. Involved in slowburn chatting last week were mainly @sadeqaghazal, @Marisa_C, @getgreatenglish, and me. 


[edit: more on ideas from slowburn coming here very soon]

The slowburn culminated in a Google Doc with 2 typical coursebook-type exercises (from the Headway 4 workbook) and places for teachers to share ideas on how they might approach them with extensions and further/varied exploitation of the content in mind. Please don’t hesitate to join in! That’s HERE.

And don’t forget to submit a chat topic idea for the next #ELTchat and that’s HERE.


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