Trainer Diary: 20

Compared to many other trainers I’ve met and/or worked with, it seems my interest in and concern for some kind of affect-focused, personal course wrap up activity is relatively high.

That said, I don’t actually feel like I have a quality storehouse of options for this. Maybe I should ask Zhenya? Adi? Scholl? In the meantime, I’ll ask some other folks at work…and google it. 😉

We’ll see what happens. This much I know: I’m excited for this afternoon’s ceremonial conferment of whiteboard markers to the graduates…



2 thoughts on “Trainer Diary: 20

  1. *BTW I realize that the image above has way too strong Anglo-centric associations in a field where that’s an outmoded, outpaced, unjustified frame of reference! It’s simply an image of pompous ‘conferring’…and yes, a few of the trainees really got a kick out of the gift of whiteboard markers! 🙂


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