Trainer Diary: 19 (TPFB notes)

Today in place of the usual journal entry business I’ve been doing I’m going to put some recent post-Teaching Practice feedback session notes (notes I make going into feedback to remember some things I want to bring up) into the flow. And write a final day ‘diary’ entry on the morrow…

So these notes…they likely read cryptic, but I’m sure I’ll be glad to have posted them here for a revisit later. 

A couple quick notes: 

1) it’s towards the end of the course that ’emergent language’ tends to come up a lot. One could argue it should be more proactively presented earlier, but it seems to ’emerge’ itself once trainees are competant enough to set conditions where the learners are *actually* communicating and needed new/related language is sometimes actuslly getting pushed out and all that. 

2) another thing in there is the common issue of getting back onto the solid ground of TELLING when you’re stuck floating in a sea of ELICITING. Some trainees lose sight of land, and find it difficult to identify those times in lessons when teaching – actually transmitting knowledge – to the learners is actually what’s right and good and proper. 

The over-elicitation (“if only there were a teacher here!”) syndrome is a bit too common for comfort and makes me re-examine what I can/should do to help some trainees avoid mistaking “student-centered” with “teacher-weak” and feel confident  really taking the reins now and then. I can just feel Michael Swan himself is cheering me on in this. 

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