Trainer Diary: 7

Have you ever used, dear readers? It’s quickly becoming my favorite quick image editor/creator tool. I just threw this together on there:


PS – “monitoring” is one of those terms that is, in some way, its own worst enemy insomuch as it suggests a very passive activity. One CELTA colleague called what she saw trainees doing: floating around the room as students worked on a task but hardly looking at or listening to what they were doing as “gin and tonic-ing” (as if they were at a cocktail party, making a round around the place people watching…and being watched;)…when what they need to do is actually look/listen/read/examine/note/facilitate/feedback/-forward/praise/support/etc. in some way more often than not as they ‘monitor’.

The image that comes to mind for me is “through a glass”…which I bring up as an image to smash when it comes to effective monitoring. Also, as mentioned in passing in my entry above, I like the idea of being ‘on the hook’ of your task set up, so you lob it over to them and then follow the ball into their court. You don’t get to lob it and stand pat.

Anyhoo, that’s all for today.

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