Trainer Diary: 3

Which has got me thinking about this a bit: what a “pre-lesson pep talk” might look like. We have TP first thing in the mornings. Trainees have slept on their action points and feedback, and of course this is what they’re bringing with them into their TP ‘performance’. But perhaps, perhaps…a ‘turning phrase’ or two (to the group or an individual) right before the lesson a bit more often might sometimes help. I mean, stepping back, OF COURSE it’d help.

But unless I spot something on someone’s lesson plan that’s way off the radar, I’ve very very rarely done this.

Maybe it could be a more common Week 1-2 thing, and then flip it: in Week 3 have the teachers take 60 seconds to tell the trainer what they’re central teaching action-point/goal is (with understanding that they are not ‘reporting’, but vocalizing, intention-setting, cognitive-coaching there). Then Week 4, same with but with another trainee, no trainer involved. Or move it forward: Wk 1 w/ trainer, 2 w/ peer,  3 w/ self in some way, and 4…whichever way they choose…just thinking out loud..

One thought on “Trainer Diary: 3

  1. What’s your approach to lesson plans before TP? Do trainees hand them in much before they teach? And do you give them feedback on them before they teach? This is something that’s varied a lot in the places I’ve done courses, and I’m never sure whether it’s better to ‘correct’ something if it’s way off, or let them make the mistake and reflect on it themselves. What do you think?


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