Trainer Diary: 5

There’s few things more important, it seems to me now, than for a teacher to have taken enough time with the materials of the lesson – following the instructions, completing the exercises, etc. – and planning from ‘inside’ the lesson in this way rather than, dunno, directing the traffic of a bunch of vehicles with tinted windows that can’t be seen know what you’re managing, but not who. The who here not being the learners, but the brainworms the tasks are birthing. Who are they?

What a weird image! This is what happens when you JUST WRITE WHATEVER COMES UP and that’s what I’m doing here. ;P

2 thoughts on “Trainer Diary: 5

  1. Typical day: TP 9-11am, feedback, then lunch 12-1. Afternoon inputs, guided LPing at the end of the day for the next morning. But Fridays on courses schedule this way, inputs take place in the AM, not TP classes. Afternoon is for Stage tutorials, assignment check-ins/work, GLP, etc.

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