Trainer Diary: 0

I’m going to do my best to record and share a daily entry/note over the course of the full-time 4-week CELTA starting tomorrow. The day # goes in the upper left. This is “day zero”, the day before it starts. There are twenty days to a course – so I’m aiming for my next 21 posts to be “trainer diary” entires/notes/whatever each day ends up producing.

Please feel free to comment, it’s always great to hear from you!

Basically the guiding questions for the “reflection 2.0” project is: how might the reflection/self-eval aspect on the course be made more ‘differentiated’ and modifiable in how trainees engage it? Can it be made to be better suited to and perhaps more productive for different kinds of people? How?


And it’s an exciting exploration.

So…Hmmmm writing by hand and posting snaps of my entries, I think, will be a good way to work it. However I t will also display my weirdly “glitchy” writing as seen in a few spots above, where I repeat a phrase, etc. plus my spelling can suck…I’m a distractobot subject to all kinds of embarrassments especially given my position ;). I wrote “initial first” above! ;P But it’ll be a good exercise in non-attachment to all that since I won’t be able to edit once it’s uploaded.

Anyway, thanks for checking it out and I hope it’s interesting in some way for you. The selfish reason I’m doing this ‘publicly’ here is the potential for gaining ideas/insights/simple nerdy enjoyment via any comments. The other reason is just that I’m a bit obsessed with the notion of teachers (and trainers, same same) sharing more of their ‘interior monologues’ with one another (and that’s it – just sharing some what might be kept private…no specific fancy follow-up or framework…though something – lots of different kinds of things – almost always HAPPENS). So this is one way to do that.


2 thoughts on “Trainer Diary: 0

    1. Thanks Zhenya – I’ll definitely check out that post. But right now it’s almost two hours later and still no finished demo lesson plan. Sometimes this last-minute planning does have a silver lining: my demo will likely be more streamlined and straightforward than times I over-plan, falling victim to a “demonstrate ALL THE THINGS!” notion. That’s a crap notion.

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