Live from Motown: CELTA TP Student’s ‘Black Belt in English’

Happy Friday! I’m not going to post much this evening (it’s almost time to step out on the town), but I did want to share a little blast from the past here before I head out. And because it’s Friday, it’s just a simple, happy thing that I just wanna groove on as the weekend gets rolling. 🙂

Sometimes it feels like we –  committed and concerned members of the ELT profession who connect and converse online – spend a lot of time digging into and dialoguing (and sometimes arguing) about the challenges and problems and limitations and imperfections of what we do. That’s because we care. We’re always on the search for insight and improvement. But it can also be wearisome.

So we can…we should…we have to always remember to celebrate and appreciate that we’re in a wonderful profession, we get to work with wonderful people, and despite everything, wonderful things happen around us nearly every single day.

This was just one of those days:

If you’re watching on your phone you won’t be able to see the explanatory annotation on YouTube. Here it is:

Last summer we ran the first ever CELTA course in the amazing and astounding city of Detroit, MI. It was a huge challenge, but we pulled it off. The man speaking had heard about the TP classes and brought his niece who was visiting from China. After seeing him waiting for her down the hall, I asked him if he’d want to join our TP classes himself. He did. This is what he had to say on the final day.

You might not have a recording, but do you have a memory you could share about something a student said or did that reminded you to smile and feel great about your small part in something great? If so, please share in the comment space below. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Live from Motown: CELTA TP Student’s ‘Black Belt in English’

  1. You just reminded me of a blog post that is still sitting in my drafts folder. It’s been sitting there for a year. And it all started with a student who said, “Today was my best day in academy” as she walked out the door after a lesson using Story Cubes.

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  2. It’s just great when you see that the TP classes set up for teachers in training are also functioning as quality community ESL courses for many folks who might otherwise not get the chance to study, or just really need a short-term thing without a big commitment. Someone from Ecuador just came in, interrupting this paragraph writing, in just this situation, and now he’s ready to go on Monday morning. He’s thrilled! I’m thrilled.


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