30 Questions for Reflection with 2015 in the Rear-View Mirror (Part 3)

21. What do I consider to be my most important achievement?

I just keep trying to improve as a teacher and trainer. Honestly, I never think of “achievements” as discrete items. To the extend that I improved in being effective in what I aim to do, I achieve something.

22. Last year in one sentence.

Non-stop CELTAs, one after the next, sometimes two at a time, at home and on the road.

23. The latest message I’ve sent.

I started a new blog. For the first month of this year I’ve just published these 3 ’30 Questions’ posts, but the intention is to write about the muddles and maxims internally and externally.

24. A quote that is most suitable for my year.


25. Did I achieve everything I’d planned for last year?

What did Woody Allen say? “If you want to make god laugh, tell him about your plans?”

26. How many new friends did I make last year?

In the online PLN context, 2015 was great – I found and connected to many great educators through twitter, blogs, and other media.

27. Who did I help?

Another new trainer found my NewbieCELTA blog and emailed me. We had a great dialogue about finding our voices and confidence as new trainers. That helped both of us.

28. Where did I travel?

Houston, San Fran, Toronto, Detroit, NYC, Maine. Didn’t leave the continent! 😦


29. Which projects did I put off till the next year?

I want to turn some workshops into narrated powerpoints, similar to Jo Gakonga.

30. What do I want to achieve this year?

Just keep moving forward, just keep trying to better understand and be happy.

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