30 Questions for Reflection with 2015 in the Rear-View Mirror (Part 1)

Is it too late for this stuff yet? On the assumption it isn’t, below I follow the excellent example of the spectacular Sandy Millin, the awesome Anthony Ash, and the rarified Rachel Daw (plus the heavenly Hana Ticha, here) in (briefly!) answering 30 questions about 2015. The vintage of this #30questionchallenge seems to go one year back, to when the amazing Anna Loseva posted the questions here. So here we go…

[EDIT] …and because I started this post a bit late and now it’s past my bedtime and I’ve only gotten through a third of it, I’m going to break it into three installments! Questions 1-10 come first, here, tonight. 🙂


Task parameters:

a) all work-related

b) about 10 words per answer (+pics)

c) first thought, best thought!


1. The best moment of the year.

Getting this feedback from a course participant:


*my fake British accent is hilariously appalling.


2. What inspired me the most this year?

A who. My superdedicated co-trainer and incredible mentor as a newbie teacher trainer:


3. The major news of this year.

This: Holmes Education Group Acquires IH Boston, NY, and Teaching House


4. Anthem of the year 2014.

Definitely ‘Fight Song’ because of the iTDi Summer Intensive! 🙂

(It was our ‘theme song’, and played before and after every webinar…)

5. The most important people in my life.

All the trainees…



6. What was most difficult for me to do this year?

Decide what to do in my ‘Error Correction’ input session.


7. What colour was this year?

Cloud grey…(towards the end I moved to the Seattle area)…



8. Which event of the year would I choose to remember forever?

The whole wild and brilliant Detroit CELTA massacree



9. Which word did I use most often?

That would be the adjective “effective”. Definitely. And maybe the adverb “effectively”.


10. My most ridiculous purchase of the year.

This set of “calling cards”. 😛


Thanks for reading!

**11-20, 21-30 Coming Soon**


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